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The performance of the heated glass can change in the 300-1000 W/m² range, in accordance with the function of the size of the glass panel. • The calculator merely provides a guideline. In addition to the above values, it is important to know the placement of the glass panel within the room (it may be necessary to position, for instance, supplemental heated glass panels in the room). • Please ask our expert colleague for assistance! • The model of the control system for the heated glass depends on the quantity of built-in heated glass panels, as well as the the stated requirements of the Purchaser.
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Heated glass

In all cases, the heated glass structure developed by Rákosy-Glass Kft. is composed of multiple – at least two – tempered or heat-strengthened layers of safety glass, in which we laminate the internal, heated layer. The heating layer is a metal conductor surface (coating), administered through nanotechnology, which generates heat due to its resistance to electric current. In all cases, this coating is located in the interior of the laminated glass layer that is closest to the interior of the space.

Thanks to the heat mirror coating in structural insulating elements used as doors or windows, a significant proportion of energy is utilized indoors. As much as  0.7 W/m2K of thermal transmittance factor can be achieved. 

Maximum size: 2400 x 4700 mm


Customized smart controls

In the interest of achieving the highest level of user experience, we developed our unique smart control system to go with our heated glass; through this system, the heating of buildings can be taken care of while paying attention to energy and cost efficiency considerations. The installation of the control system is simultaneous with the installation of the glass heating elements. Following a simple calibration, controlling the glass surfaces takes place on an online interface or mobile phone application, in accordance with the user’s requirements. For smaller projects, we offer a simple control solution.

1.    Heated glass with BASIC controls

Our Basic Package enables the user to manage glass heating on a basic level. We recommend it for smaller projects (e.g. private home), where control is undertaken with a simple room thermostat. Favorable price, simple operation. With this package, within the range of the local WIFI, control is exercised through the smart devices by assigning the glass panels into groups.

2.    Heated glass with EXPERT controls

Efficient power distribution within the building, combined with smart controls – this is the Expert Package. By grouping the glass surfaces within WIFI range, the controls are able to manage the heated glass through various smart devices, or with the aid of simple thermostats. The control unit distributes available power among the glass panels.

Quick and simple needs assessment

To simplify technical coordination, we provide our customers a needs assessment form, through which we can work together easily and efficiently.

Even before filling out the form – and afterwards – we provide constant technical support by phone, online, and in person alike, in order to minimize your to-do list in connection with your installation.


Kert Bistro
Budapest | 2023 | Rákosy-Glass Kft. | photos: Kert Bistro
heated insulated glass
Kástu Cabin Houses
Őriszentpéter | 2023 | Rákosy-Glass Kft. | photos: Balázs Máté (Studio Meter)
heated insulated glass
Budapest | 2017 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
glass structure with canopy roof protecting historical monument
Family home in Fót
Fót | 2019 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
custom designed and sized glass radiators
Nagykovácsi | 2017 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
heated insulated glass wall, motorized sliding door
Family home in Szeged
Szeged | 2018 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
heated insulated glass wall
Bodri Winery
Szekszárd | 2018 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
large scale, integrated heated insulated glass walls
Gardener’s Cottage, Hungarian National Museum
Budapest | 2019 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
heated insulated glass wall
Szigetvár Castle Museum Djami
Szigetvár | 2015 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
structured heated insulated wall, glass railings, glass doors
Saint Stephen's Basilica
Budapest | 2016 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
heated elevator panels, glass pillars, glass beams
Budapest retail store location
Budapest | 2016 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
reflexive heated insulated glass wall
Hotel Balaton
Siófok | 2020 | Rákosy-Glass Kft.
heated glass roof

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price difference between traditional and heated glass?

In all cases, heated glass is made of tempered or heat-strengthened and laminated glass panels. Compared to similarly layered, but not heated glass, there is no significant price difference. A traditional door or window is fundamentally composed of a different system of layers. Generally it does not include tempered/heat strengthened or laminated glass structures, either. Thus, it is difficult to compare its price to traditional glass, but generally heated glass is 2 to 3 times the price of traditional glass.

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